Couples Tantra Retreat in Bali

...deepen your love, strengthen your connection, heighten your intimacy.

Are you sensual explorers on a quest for spiritual, sexual and relationship empowerment? 

Then let me, Jacqueline Hellyer, take you on a wonderful journey of discovery during my five-day Couples Retreat at a private villa deep in the tropical hills of the gorgeous island of Bali.

You’ll learn and practice Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating and discover the concepts and practices of Tantra, strengthening your relationship and deepening your spiritual and erotic connection.

I bring together empowering practices and understanding from a wide range of sources, from modern scientific knowledge and therapeutic practices to ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom, to create an experience for the two of you that will have you connecting more deeply and opening up more fully than ever before.

couples tantra retreat bali

Next Retreat 
16-20 May 2016.

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couples tantra retreat bali

couples tantra retreat bali

What You’ll Do During the Couples Retreat

The general outline of the retreat is:

Morning sessions focus on Tantra and energetic connection and are more experiential (with guided ‘homework’ activities for private practice)

Afternoon sessions are more discussion oriented, focusing on your relationship

Evenings consist of sensual and luscious activities..... 

We start at 10am each day, there is a 2-3 hour break, then another group session, a break before dinner, then an evening activity - so you'll have plenty of time to practice alone.

The workshop sessions are focused on you as a couple, with some group learnings and activities. 

There is also a one-day field trip to two beautiful temples for a couples blessing, to bathe in men’s and women’s pools, plus group sessions in the forest around Secret Men’s and Women’s Business...

Be assured, like all my workshops, this Bali Couples Retreat is completely classy and sleaze-free, with no need for self-disclosure and no need for any level of nudity or actual sexual interaction.  

couples tantra retreat bali
Please note that this Retreat is designed for couples who are in a good space and want to get even better. If your relationship is troubled, please have private sessions with me first, in person or via Skype.

Some of our Happy Couples from Earlier Retreats

jacqueline hellyer

I look forward to sharing this gorgeous experience with you!