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Melting Moments

Jacqueline Hellyer - Sunday, July 02, 2017

There are many melting moments during quality sex.

Moments where there is a sense of melting:

  • melting into relaxation, 
  • melting into bliss,
  • melting away tension,
  • melting into your partner, 
  • pelvic melting, 
  • abdominal melting,
  • heart melting
  • throat melting
  • consciousness melting
Moments of melting leading to moments of rapture.

This is slow sex. Or at least, starting out slow sex.

There is the melting of desire, the yearning, the opening up and into the other.

There is the melting when the genitals join. A release and relaxation in the pelvis as the vagina and penis sit together, in embrace.

There is a softening, a melting of the heart.

The tension drains away with the union. From the face, the throat, the chest, the abdomen.

Eyes meet and melt together.

Lips meet and melt with tenderness: sensing, tasting, touching.

Hands touch skin, melt. Limbs join, entwine, melt.

The joining together leads to motion, rhythm, the dance of bodies together. Merging, melting. Intensity and subtlety creating unique interplays of movement, sensation, feeling.

Melting into depths of pleasure, melting into peaks of delight.

In the melting is release, freedom, bliss.



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